Integrate is the leader in Precision Demand Marketing, the next chapter of B2B marketing that takes a buyer-driven, omnichannel, and account-based approach to creating meaningful connections with buyers. In today's rapidly changing, digital world, this emerging category empowers B2B marketers with a more precise, connected, and agile marketing strategy that meets buyers where they are and when they want.  

Over the past decade, Integrate has evolved to serve B2B marketers’ needs, from solving the complex challenges across demand generation channels to powering tailored account-based, buyer-driven omnichannel experiences that convert leads to revenue and prove marketing return on investment.   

Today, Integrate offers the Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP), which enables B2B marketers to address the growing demands and needs of buyer-driven, omnichannel marketing. Integrate’s DAP provides marketers with the flexibility and adaptability to quickly react to shifting buyer’s needs, invest where needed, and orchestrate connected buying experiences with less budget waste.  

Integrate’s DAP also includes a built-in martech ecosystem that unifies hundreds of technology companies, data partners, service providers and marketing agencies, thousands of events and trade shows, and a marketplace of 150+ publishers, to make it easier to execute and scale Precision Demand Marketing strategies. 

Integrate works with high-growth and enterprise organizations like Salesforce, Microsoft, Akamai, and Pluralsight to power their buyer-driven, Precision Demand Marketing strategies.  

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